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Overland Trail Cycle
8 Belvidere Street
Crafton, Pa. 15205-2819



US Importer for Montesa Parts

for years 1997 - 2013

Parts also available for 2014 - current



We can help you with Montesa Motorcycles and Montesa Parts........We ship anywhere...........



                                                                                         2014 Montesa 4RT.

....... Now offering OSET - The electric Mini Trials Bikes .......


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Current Models


12.5 24V - R

  16.0 36V - R

20.0 48V - R





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Toni Bou Technique of Riding DVD available

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Overland Trail Cycle is the Montesa Parts Importer and a dealer for Montesa and Montesa parts.  We carry the modern Montesa Trials Motorcycle and maintain a parts inventory for Montesa from 1997 to 2004 (315R) and 2005 to current (4RT).  If you need it, we probably have it in stock.




We are a dealer of Tucker Rocky products. We carry  helmets, Gaerne boots, and bike accessories. Click  Here, let us know what you want and we will order for you.



We are a dealer of All Balls Racing products. We carry Bearings, Fork Seals and Linkage kits for MONTESA, GAS GAS, & SHERCO.



We are a dealer of Ryan Young Products.



Special engineered parts for Montesa and other brands. We carry some of these parts in stock.

 ELF oil (HTX-740) is now available.


We carry Michelin tyres.



We carry Renthal bars (7/8 and Fat Bars) as well as Renthal grips


email: info@overlandtrail.biz

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